Mark Gatiss’s answers are awesome, mentioned Martin twice so far, from what I could gather.

…If you knew you were writing an episode of Doctor Who for Benedict Cumberbatch to appear in, would he be the villain or on the side of The Doctor? How about Martin Freeman?




The Sunday Times, via:

He doesn’t have Cumberbatch’s swagger, but Freeman has plenty of confidence in himself and his acting ability.

"He doesn’t have Cumberbatch’s swagger"



most accurate reaction gif!

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  • Ben: *casually calls Martin sweetheart*
  • Martin: *grins, makes inside joke*
  • Ben: *giggles like a schoolboy*
  • Martin: *giggles like a schoolboy right back*
  • tumblr: *incinerates*


This from Saving Santa dvd.At the end hear Martin hit high note while he is singing.sorry screwed up beginning everything else is okay

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Martin Freeman has a palette of subtlety. And I thought, this is a new sort of acting that I’ve never seen before. - Sir Ian McKellen

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Friday, 19th of September 2014
I came earlier to Trafalgar Square, going at around 9PM using the Central Line. I was lucky because when I thought I was going to use the Bakerloo Line to Charing Cross station, I opened my phone and saw that the Bakerloo Line is severely delayed at Picadilly Circus. So I decided to use the Northern Line instead, despite the longer distance from the exit to Trafalgar Studios’ Stage Door.
So, trying to walk as fast as I could from the exit (without running, because apparently my body decided that it is that time of the month), I arrived at stage door around 15 minutes before 10PM and lo behold, not that many people! The play hasn’t ended, so that might be one of the reason why, as well as how Martin usually came out at around 11PM at Wednesday and Thursday. I had a good feeling about this, but there were strange people wielding guns and I was a bit worried. I walk pass them casually and stood with the fans that were standing at left side of the door. It turns out that those people are actors playing as soldiers, I realised this just now (20-09-2014, 8:30AM). I saw a group of fans gather together at the side of the road, who was told to go away from the right side of the door because the play is still commencing and we all needed to be quiet.
When the clock passed 10PM, people started to gather and by around 10:15PM people had gathered and made half a circle around the stage door. I was prepared to wait until 11PM as usual, but then at 10:30PM Martin came out! Martin came out and he started giving signs out! I was so excited and everyone started getting closer and closer to each other to get a sign or a photo of him. I sent kak bulecelup a message about it, she was unusually awake so I told her Martin is out and is giving signs, she went crazy as expected. Flash lights were everywhere, and Martin went through the other side first so I can’t see him that clearly because of his car. I waited and waited, I get to see him caressing a boy’s head it was very cute. Then Martin started getting closer and I can feel my excitement growing stronger and stronger. When Martin was one person away, a man behind me asked ‘Martin! What do you think of Golum?’ and Martin was like “Golum? He’s a nice guy”. The man then said something about Golum being a prat (or something degratory/insulting, I didn’t quite caught what he said) and Martin said “Ooh, careful, there’re children” and the man was surprised and quickly apologised. It was cute it was adorable it was just… so sweet! Once again, I was awed by how different Martin could be when he is feeling cheeky and when he regards and speaks to his fans.
I kept kak bulecelup's prints gripped tightly afraid that I'd drop them and then Martin is right in front of me! He's around my height and a bit taller, I think? Then again, I didn't notice much because! I showed him kak Zasha's art and he went “Oh! I like these! They are lovely!”, feeling proud I said “thank you” quite softly because I was overwhelmed. Martin talked to me, please don't tell me that THAT doesn't make your heart feel pitter patter. When he was about to sign them, he suddenly stopped, looked at me and said “Did you make these?” while pointing his sharpie at me. Then I answered him “My friend made these, she couldn't be here so…” “Hmm? That is very sweet” I was still star-strucked, Martin is such a sweet person! After signing the prints (one of Lester Nygaard for kak Zasha, and Bilbo for me), I thanked Martin hoping that I sounded very very sincere and grateful. Martin then said something again, “I've always liked these, they are very sweet”. I thanked Martin again and took a step back because people started cramming in to get his pictures and I took my phone out to chat with kak Zasha because she was awake and told her he liked her art and told that they were lovely. Then I start taking pictures, didn't care much that they're dark and blurry and got a few picture of Martin before he signed the prints I brought and after. Someone had used a really bright flash and I got a really bright picture of him, almost all white in the face! Someone got a hug from him, that's really nice. And when he finished giving signs to everyone, everyone yelled “THANK YOU!” and Martin waved again to everyone before he got into the car. Everyone started squealing and whooping and yelling congratulations and everything it was exhilarating my hands were shaking. I started messaging kak Zasha like crazy recounting everything before I went to the underground and went home.


this is the most relatable vine i’ve ever watched

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So the point of this exercise, as Tony liked to put it, wasn’t to show up the two Really Old Guys and make them realize that they ought to retire.

Seriously, Tony wasn’t blind and despite all the senior citizen jokes, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were pretty much on the right side of young, fit and smoking hot.  He was also familiar with the Three Rules regarding America’s Sweetheart and America’s Oldest Heartthrob  and would have to admit that he was solidly set upon Rule No. 3.  Which was okay, since everyone else on the planet was crushing on the good captain and his sergeant.  Nice to know he wasn’t alone and all that.

The point was that they needed to test the combat fitness and teamwork of Captain America and the newly reclaimed Winter Soldier.  Tony, by the way, had JARVIS archive the priceless footage of Steve Rogers planting his feet by the river of truth (quote unquote) and proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that James Buchanan Barnes could not be held truly responsible for his actions as HYDRA’s pet assassin.  He was the country’s longest held POW, subject to unimaginable torment and brainwashing, and yeah - at the end of it, Tony was fairly sure Steve would’ve been elected President of the United States if he wanted to, the show of support was so overwhelming. 

So anyway.  Retraining.  Getting Cap and Bucky back in the saddle against the Forces of Evil.  And also this was a GIANT FUCK YOU to HYDRA and the long dead Obadiah Stane for what they’d forced Barnes to do to Tony’s parents - never mind Daddy Issues. 

Tony sets up the ginormous Training Room (“room” was an understatement but it had to do) which he referred to as “The Jungle” because he pretty much had classic G n’ R playing while he designed the place.  The Room could be set up to simulate any environment, any structure for a nearly infinite number of potential missions and ops.  Happy and Maria Hill brought in the agents - carefully screened and processed to infinity because again, HYDRA - as opponents. 

The objective for today was a rescue.  Since Tony valued his balls and also hey, trying not to be a sexist pig here, Natasha wasn’t going to be the damsel in distress.  Clint got the honors.

"Why do I gotta play Princess Toadstool?" Clint had whined. "I don’t even look good in a pink dress!"

"Because Nat will probably rescue herself in Real Life before the rest of us idiots can even get our acts together," Tony explained patiently.  "And I’ll get you a purple dress if it makes you happy.  Now go sit tight and wait for Mario and Luigi to come save you."

Naturally, Agent - no, Director Agent brought the popcorn.

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Rocket being over protective.

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